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Thresholds and the hierarchy of media criticism: Arrested Development and Stefon Edition

A night or two ago, amidst much anticipation for the new Arrested Development episodes, someone I respect retweeted comments from somebody expressing frustration with the omnipresent Arrested Development fawning; she had been thoroughly disgusted by the transphobia and homophobia in … Continue reading

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Writing on Charlotte Bronte at The American Scholar!

If you’ve got a few minutes for some literary nostalgia today, please check out my new piece online at The American Scholar!    . . .She wrote the poem when she was only a little younger than I was when … Continue reading

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The AWP 2013 Thoughts Post

I’m sure there will be a jillion of these as the 11,000 writers and writing teachers head home from the conference in Boston, but I wanted to collect mine as well. As I said in an email to my girl … Continue reading

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Five People Not To Be In your MFA Workshop

Nothing personal, people who have been in my various MFA workshops. You are all brilliant, and have perfect judgment about what to say and not say as, obviously, do I.  J/K I have been all of these people too.  5. … Continue reading

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MKP and the Carpe of Diem

One of the hardest concepts for me to wrap my mind around, as I attempt to spell out Jehovah on the crumbling temple floor of life without crashing through to my doom, is the idea that at a certain point, … Continue reading

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To the fun.

I’ve done a lot of things in my life that stopped being fun as soon as I had to do them, when they became something that got graded, something I had to do deliberately instead of instinctually, something I needed a strategy … Continue reading

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Mad Men Finale

This week, I was all super psyched for Mad Men’s conclusion. Last week was everything exciting about the show — subtlety, excitement, confrontation, action! This week..felt more along the heavy-handed lines of earlier this season. Someone must have told Matthew … Continue reading

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Writers Doing it Right #whatever

I am worn out from yesterday’s TV watching chronicles so today you get writing advice from McSweeneys where some day I will publish dammit!!! The Ultimate Guide To Writing Better Than You Normally Do If they could stop publishing awesome stuff … Continue reading

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Mad Men 5.03: Mystery Date

Don Draper’s past confronts him in an elevator, Megan calls out the giant promiscuous elephant in the room, Joyce has an eye for the macabre (and Peggy has the best nickname ever–Pegasus? How freaking cute is that), Joan’s rapist husband … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones episode 12

introductions all around! In which Varys meets Shay, Arya makes the acquaintance of Jaqen Hgar, Sam and Jon meet Gilly. Danaerys loses a bloodrider and gets Kahleesily pissed about it, Theon Greyjoy is the Pete Campbell of Baratheon Stark Targaryen … Continue reading

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