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JK I’m still talking about television.

Those of you not prone to randomly binge watching “Netflix Recommends” TV shows, particularly when the recommendation includes “because you liked Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, So You Think You Can Dance, and Saved By The Bell,”* may not yet have discovered … Continue reading

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Sorkin Corner

So first, I was going to spend way too much time rewriting this ranking of Sorkin characters by the Vulture. The Santoses are missing, Sportsnight’s Natalie deserved better, Dan Rydell doesn’t deserve quite as high a spot, Timothy Busfield was … Continue reading

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Mad Men Finale

This week, I was all super psyched for Mad Men’s conclusion. Last week was everything exciting about the show — subtlety, excitement, confrontation, action! This week..felt more along the heavy-handed lines of earlier this season. Someone must have told Matthew … Continue reading

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Mad Men Episode 5.10. Anything without abortions or foreigners in it?

Ok it was called “Commissions and Fees” and if you still haven’t seen it yet, go count to 4400 in the corner and the rest of us will scoot our chairs closer together so you don’t overhear us. Zomg this … Continue reading

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Girls Episode 7

So, what’s going well with Girls… the agony and ecstasy of torturing yourself with ex contact. It doesn’t matter who dumped who or what “it” was to begin with, if you know where your kryptonite is stored (and in this … Continue reading

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Mad Men #?!. The Other Woman

Holy crap. I’m a million years behind on writing up everything but I just watched this week’s episode of Mad Men and holy crap. I’ve been swamped with my own TV writing and the all important day job but folks. … Continue reading

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Girls episode 3: All Adventurous Girls Do

“What is going on? Is it some kind of solstice?!” This show is winning me over because while the characters might look normal, and speak realistically, whatever they say in a given situation is totally absurd. I enjoy that. Hannah … Continue reading

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“Girls” Stream of conscious blogging

“I am busy, trying to become who I am.”  Epically self absorbed and accurate! The sense of entitlement is right in there from the very beginning. This is not a hardscrabble success show, this is not a pretending-to-be-average-while-humbly-being-exceptional show, this … Continue reading

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Mad Men 5.03: Mystery Date

Don Draper’s past confronts him in an elevator, Megan calls out the giant promiscuous elephant in the room, Joyce has an eye for the macabre (and Peggy has the best nickname ever–Pegasus? How freaking cute is that), Joan’s rapist husband … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones episode 12

introductions all around! In which Varys meets Shay, Arya makes the acquaintance of Jaqen Hgar, Sam and Jon meet Gilly. Danaerys loses a bloodrider and gets Kahleesily pissed about it, Theon Greyjoy is the Pete Campbell of Baratheon Stark Targaryen … Continue reading

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