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Thresholds and the hierarchy of media criticism: Arrested Development and Stefon Edition

A night or two ago, amidst much anticipation for the new Arrested Development episodes, someone I respect retweeted comments from somebody expressing frustration with the omnipresent Arrested Development fawning; she had been thoroughly disgusted by the transphobia and homophobia in … Continue reading

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Oblivion: Maybe the Only Movie Madder At Women Than Tom Cruise Is

The Previews: I am fed up with futuristic postapocalyptic worlds where men get to do cool things like get juiced up to break into Elyria and race cars and crash cars and women get….rescued, mostly? In fights with other women? … Continue reading

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Live singing, anachronistic hairstyles, filthy sewers and STAAAAARS

…..alternate title: Les Miserables: Quelle Fromage! Which I cut because it wasn’t really fair — in fact, the thing I appreciated most about the dark and gritty (and seriously hygiene-impaired) Les Mis was the up-close-and-personal, scaled back approach to the solo … Continue reading

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James Bond Begins Home Alone Casino Homage Palooza

Here is what I like about James Bond movies: the mission, the secret mission behind the mission, the staples: gadgets, improbable sexual activity (you’re surprised in the shower by a naked man and your first reaction is not OH GOD … Continue reading

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Snow White And The Huntsman

Have you seen this one yet? No? Have you seen the Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Sound of Music, anything Joan of Arc-ish, Lord of the Rings, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, The … Continue reading

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Slept Significantly Less

This weekend I finally saw Sleep No More with my BFF from back home. We got tickets back in January and our number was finally up. Ordinarily I’m a little unnerved by theater that breaks the fourth wall or tries … Continue reading

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A study in contrasts

This week I had the privilege of attending performances of Richard III at BAM, which starred Kevin Spacey and War Horse at Lincoln Center, which emphatically did not. Rather than take the time to thoughtfully review both, by which point … Continue reading

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Outbreak Cranford: Love Kills.

At the mo, I’m trying to make a lot of personal changes without TALKING about all the personal changes I’m making, because as soon as I hear someone else talking about their personal changes/challenges/health issues/internal see-sawing over some decision/sock collection, … Continue reading

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#GameofThrones 1.09 – Only Death Can Pay For Life (SPOILERS)

I should take a minute to acknowledge that I totally thought there were 12-13 episodes in a season and it turns out…this is the second-to-last episode. Do what you must to prepare yourselves. ALSO THERE ARE SPOILERS. SO MANY SPOILERS … Continue reading

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#GameofThrones Episode 1.08 – “And feed it to the goats, yes”

Obligatory Recap: The storm of Stark swords starts with Needle’s pointy end, Arya escapes the castle, Sansa’s still wearing her Lannister locket, Jon kills a white walker during Weekend at Bernie’s Wall Edition, Robb prepares for war, Tyrion and Bronn … Continue reading

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