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What NYC needs is MORE LAWS

From There Ought To Be A Law in the NY Times to Feministe’s worthy addenda… I agree with all of these, though I will observe that there’s plenty of bag-and-feet-on-seats enforcement, or there was at the beginning of the summer. … Continue reading

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MTA like music to my ears…

Alexander Chen » Archive » Conductor: I don’t even know how to explain this one so you’ll just have to click through. A composer assigned a pitch to train lines and then made a digitally interactive piece out of … Continue reading

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Ok just a quick one…

Yesterday was kind of a weird day. First off it started with a rain of slush and muck that bounced the existing slush and muck all over the sidewalk. Fortunately I was wearing my new Century 21 boots ($30, baby) … Continue reading

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3 quick things

1. Brooklyn and Outer Brooklyn. I must have one of these. I MUST. B. This morning I was iPod-less on the R train and so had to experience my fellow commuters aurally. Usually this is terrible. Today it was mildly … Continue reading

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Two quick but awesome NYC moments

Saturday I set out in pursuit of some relaxing rituals I hadn’t had time for since freaking August…i.e. pani/pedi from my favorite not-expensive-or-froofy nail salon, Pink (jingle toes and a manicure I chipped seconds after I got home, thanks Gracie)….and … Continue reading

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