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3Qs, actively baited, and what to do when you’re trapped there

In addition to the delightful production of Vera Stark that the Mtastic roommate and I saw on Tuesday, we were also “treated” to a post-show talkback session with whatever audience members remained (a little over a third) and the playwright. … Continue reading

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Omg the Spam comes with ID now!

Note, you should not allow the bank to know that you have a partner who supplies you with the information they require from you to support your demand as heir to Mr Kattan Azmal. Be assured that if you can … Continue reading

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A 3Q Primer

Since I’m in a new habitat, with some new readers, and some recently accepted novices to L’Institut of 3Q investigators, I thought I would recap the basics. What is a 3Q? How does one physically signal the presence of a 3Q? I … Continue reading

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