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SIB – Issue one! I made something!

This might have some technical issues, but here is my comic in all its…THIS IS A FIRST EFFORT BE GENTLE… glory. It might take a jllion years to load but it will be WORTH IT. Lemme know what you think, … Continue reading

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Got comics?

When I put the Graphic Novel seminar as my first choice on the course selection sheet, I assumed I wouldn’t get it. I assumed that all the fiction students with more talented pens than mine would have it all sewn … Continue reading

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In which I am doing new things!

And of course neglecting old things and half-started things and getting older and prolly not that much wiser…. I LOVE SCHOOL, you guys, and it’s nice to have Gigantor back. Last week we went to the Met and stumbled across … Continue reading

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