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So, this little room’s more crowded than usual…

Hi, everyone. I see many of you got Sady Doyle‘s invite to my blog. Jeebus *perspires* Sady Doyle is awesome, and I love the way she writes at Tiger Beatdown because I too write in a loud, fast, hectic, way. … Continue reading

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In which I overthink google hits…

The sheer number of people googling “should I read Game of Thrones”, regardless of whether they are also asking “before I watch,” “while I watch,” “instead of watching” or “worth reading” makes me wonder what other kinds of questions people … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones 1 1/2 – Reimagined as a buddy comedy

The embed code is being stupid so you’ll just have to click through and chortle at NY Mag’s Vulture  

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Jane Jones: Worst Vampire Ever, by @Caissie St. Onge

One of the best things about Twitter is how it gradually connects you to like-minded awesome people and total weirdos (quickie shoutout to my bffs, @Spidey004 and @AmyZesbaugh 🙂  as well as the occasional celebrity who might eventually recognize your … Continue reading

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Of geeks, canon, privilege, inclusion and the Avengers

As Melissa McEwan said so eloquently in her Thor review – there is a line at which “canon” starts to operate in the same way as “tradition” to entrench privilege.  I got into a bit of a squabble with some (hetero white … Continue reading

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Jon Hamm and a Yeti on Funny or Die

It’s not /quite/ as priceless as Nathan Fillion on rollerblades but still. It has its charms. Or rather, Jon “The Man Republicans Think They Look Like” Hamm. He looks a little John Corbetty in this video but uh… I’d hitchhike … Continue reading

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Portal 2 and a Game of Thrones placeholder!

I’ve gotten a ton of new visitors and readers thanks to NPR’s music blog and a trusty phalanx from Google, and I want to assure you all that I’m about to sit down and watch Episode 2 and a recap … Continue reading

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Happy Friday, Rollerblading Jean-short Wearing Nathan Fillion Lovers

This is my first actual “Nothing to do today” vacation day since I “went on vacation” a week ago so here, enjoy this: (h/t to Megan Carpantier and the good, good people at Buzzfeed)

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Space Shuttle coup for NYC – cue line of tourists saying “Wait, it never went to space?!”

Sure, it sounds good if you like the sound of “we want to create and install a $28.8 million dollar paperweight that looks just like some really cool spacecraft and just for continuity’s sake put it right next to an … Continue reading

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From the Spam files

You should all just call me Gayleen Rodriguez from now on.

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