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The AWP 2013 Thoughts Post

I’m sure there will be a jillion of these as the 11,000 writers and writing teachers head home from the conference in Boston, but I wanted to collect mine as well. As I said in an email to my girl … Continue reading

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Five People Not To Be In your MFA Workshop

Nothing personal, people who have been in my various MFA workshops. You are all brilliant, and have perfect judgment about what to say and not say as, obviously, do I.  J/K I have been all of these people too.  5. … Continue reading

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Seasonally Speaking

Like so many sweaty New Yorkers, I rejoiced at the prompt arrival of Fall-like temperatures. I wore 4/5 length sleeves today! Yesterday, I wore a light drapey sweater! I wrestled my A/C out of my window. However, I’m not certain … Continue reading

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Greetings and Salutations!

Apologies for the lapse in writification – first there was the teaching, then the beach, then there was work, then any number of things, really, that kept me from checking in here. Today it’s back to school, where most Real … Continue reading

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What The Professor Wore (more doodles)

So I’m in this awesome queer cinema class, and even though it annoys me by focusing on dudes for the first half, I find it exciting to be in a space where I get to read, watch and think about … Continue reading

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So, this little room’s more crowded than usual…

Hi, everyone. I see many of you got Sady Doyle‘s invite to my blog. Jeebus *perspires* Sady Doyle is awesome, and I love the way she writes at Tiger Beatdown because I too write in a loud, fast, hectic, way. … Continue reading

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SIB – Issue one! I made something!

This might have some technical issues, but here is my comic in all its…THIS IS A FIRST EFFORT BE GENTLE… glory. It might take a jllion years to load but it will be WORTH IT. Lemme know what you think, … Continue reading

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Got comics?

When I put the Graphic Novel seminar as my first choice on the course selection sheet, I assumed I wouldn’t get it. I assumed that all the fiction students with more talented pens than mine would have it all sewn … Continue reading

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This Room is My Room, This Room is Your Room

Virginia Woolf says I shouldn’t write mad. Well, to be more precise, which is to say, remotely precise at all, she said to the general public that Charlotte Bronte should not have made the mistake of writing mad when she … Continue reading

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In which I am doing new things!

And of course neglecting old things and half-started things and getting older and prolly not that much wiser…. I LOVE SCHOOL, you guys, and it’s nice to have Gigantor back. Last week we went to the Met and stumbled across … Continue reading

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