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The case for kill shelters

A petition is making the rounds of my FB feed, urging a Rochester shelter to stop euthanizing dogs after last year they put down more than 1,000 healthy dogs and disposed of them in garbage bags which were taken to … Continue reading

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You needn’t yell – I’m on it

WHERE have you been, young lady? Don’t you know we were worried sick? Worried?! Forget worried! We were BORED. We clicked onto this page every day, well at least once a week or so, and found NOTHING new to divert … Continue reading

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What I really wanted to write for today was the Normal Heart review, but I saw a million things in one weekend and then felt totally stymied and read that thing about adverbs and long story short I couldn’t work … Continue reading

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In which I take my hairy legs for a walk and do not go up in smoke

This weekend I did a scary-brave thing, for me. I woke up, fended off the excited ministrations of Gracie, threw on a skirt over my bike shorts, slipped into my flip-flops, and went outside. Together Gracie and I went to … Continue reading

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Prospect Park Exploration, round 4…

A few weeks after we first brought Gracie home from the ASPCA, I decided it’d be fun to take her to Prospect Park. At the time I was still coming home from work at lunch every day to let her … Continue reading

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In which I am a busy slacker

I’ve decided on Fridays I’m ok with blogging shorthand. I mean, there are a trillion things I want to write about: The Sheen thing, specifically why I can find none of the behavior and the ensuing memes funny but still … Continue reading

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#DDG – Demure Edition

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Show Me The Mess – I will if you will.

I read a lot of blogs by funny, creative and exciting writers. Especially thanks to Kris, I’m meeting new and exciting writers all the time. And I read blogs by fantasy writers who don’t even know they’re fantasy writers. Their apartments … Continue reading

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#DDG – Gracie L, Latchkey Canine

Usually my postwork routine looks like this: Take R train home Pick perfect song for the 3 minute walk to my door from my stop. Drop my stuff, let Gracie out of her crate, trick her into her harness and … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Dog Has Far To Go

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a good fortune breeding head of hair . . .DVD collection must be in want of clean pajamas so her Saturday can consist of changing from her sleeping … Continue reading

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