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[Insert weather correspondant + Star Trek redshirt joke here]

[insert joke where I profess not to have known this storm was coming] [insert list of all the things I’ve done to prepare, humorously arranged so it sounds like I’m both overthinking and underthinking the storm’s potential] [insert gripe about … Continue reading

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Seasonally Speaking

Like so many sweaty New Yorkers, I rejoiced at the prompt arrival of Fall-like temperatures. I wore 4/5 length sleeves today! Yesterday, I wore a light drapey sweater! I wrestled my A/C out of my window. However, I’m not certain … Continue reading

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Texting with K-Cup

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Wordless Wednesday: Pottery

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The calm before the semester

During my week off I have…. Taken Gracie to the dogpark and negotiated some sort of walk after (she wants to go to the p-a-r-k, I say we just went there last week….she usually wins) Cleaned the bejeezus out of … Continue reading

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2011 in review! Belatedly!

I know, we’re totes over 2011 already. On to 2012, year of mystery and enchantment! But first let’s recap. I started 2011 by applying to my one and only dream grad school, and in March, I got in. Then I … Continue reading

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The Week And A Half Into Graduate School at an Ivy League University Post!

Class I took to like a duck to water: 20th Century Nonfiction Lecture. What’s that, MKP, you instinctively settled into a class where all you had to do was sit quietly and listen? Hey, it’s a lot more than listening! … Continue reading

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Sing for Hope Pianos and your local MKP….

Many of you know I once harbored Broadway dreams, imagining myself singing, dancing and acting up a storm alongside a reincarnated Gene Kelly and dozens of other actual living luminaries. I went to undergrad for music and quickly came to … Continue reading

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Ivy Garden in Park Slope = The Answer to a Gluten-free Prayer!

Seriously. So far I have found, in this delightful, brand-new 24-hour grocery…. Gluten-free crackers, flours, hummus, chips…. And Cookie mixes! Bread: 4-5 kinds! And ridiculous fun art: and the cash register? Built into a VW Bus! Amahzing. Nice people, good … Continue reading

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Placeholder Extraordinaire!

In the past four days I have seen The Normal Heart, Bridesmaids, Thor, and of course, Game of Thrones episode 1.05, Lions and Wolves. I also did a historical home tour of Park Slope, hit the 5th ave street fair, … Continue reading

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