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Men accelerate, women steer

I once went on a date with a guy who, when I told him we were moving a little fast, said he thought his role was to hit the accelerator, and I would be the one to brake and steer. … Continue reading

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Why is Pitch So Awesome?

Pitch, the new scripted baseball drama on Fox that tells the story of the MLB’s first female pitcher, Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury). After being trained and groomed by her father, Ginny was scouted and came up through the minor leagues … Continue reading

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A Girl Walks Into a Book

Hi! It has been um, two years since my last blog. In that time, I completed grad school, gotten married, completed my thesis on those happy-go-lucky Brontës, began an adjunct teaching career, concluded an adjunct teaching career, returned to publishing and writing … Continue reading

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What a difference an almost-year makes! I’ve started collecting my clips over here at this Tumblr yonder, resolving to blog there and failing utterly. I’m mostly on twitter and instagram, save the 3 weeks I took off for a Book-writing intensive, that … Continue reading

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Dazed and Schooled

Yesterday marked my first ever (..this semester) Tuesday that was not Just a Recovery Day From Monday And Or Stressful Weekend Travel. I have been molding young minds for approximately 5 weeks now and I love it. They’ve just gotten … Continue reading

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Hostility and the Feminist Critic

It’s no secret this blog ‘o mine has been receiving some undeserved neglect these past few months. Summer’s been busy, with the writing and the teaching and the moving to Inwood to live with a partner for the first time, … Continue reading

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What are musicals for: A Study in Contrasts

This weekend I had the opportunity to see both Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark, Julie Taymor/Bono’s Busch Gardens entertainment homage, and Pitch Perfect, an ode to collegiate acapella starring Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick. As someone who counts musical theater … Continue reading

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Whedon, Shakespeare and Much Ado

I was as excited for this movie as it is possible to be — I remember when Whedon hinted at shutting his friends up in his house and filming it, I remember when the cast leaked out, I am a … Continue reading

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Thresholds and the hierarchy of media criticism: Arrested Development and Stefon Edition

A night or two ago, amidst much anticipation for the new Arrested Development episodes, someone I respect retweeted comments from somebody expressing frustration with the omnipresent Arrested Development fawning; she had been thoroughly disgusted by the transphobia and homophobia in … Continue reading

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Oblivion: Maybe the Only Movie Madder At Women Than Tom Cruise Is

The Previews: I am fed up with futuristic postapocalyptic worlds where men get to do cool things like get juiced up to break into Elyria and race cars and crash cars and women get….rescued, mostly? In fights with other women? … Continue reading

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