So what’s your deal?
I’m now a six year resident of New York – I lived first in Harlem, then in Brooklyn, and soon I’m making a big move up to Inwood to commence cohabitation with my boyfriend (exciting! scary! everything changing all at once!). I recently finished my coursework for an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at an ivy league university and I’ll be teaching undergrads there for the next two years while finishing my thesis, a book project on my life with the Brontës. I spend my writing time trying to come up an essay funny enough for McSweeneys, drawing an autobiographical comic, working on spec scripts for shows that haven’t been cancelled yet, developing my own TV pilot, and ideally, something that will eventually be Of Literary Significance. I’ll try to remember all this for my 10th HS reunion which is coming up this fall.

I’m the world’s foremost expert on the phenomenon/affliction of Third Questionism, and I’m here to talk about feminism, pop culture, movies and TV, baseball, the Brontës, and generally to snark all over the place. It’s a pretty good time. Welcome!

Contact me at Mkpheartsnyc(@)gmail(dot)com!

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