A Girl Walks Into a Book

Hi! It has been um, two years since my last blog. In that time, I completed grad school, gotten married, completed my thesis on those happy-go-lucky Brontës, began an adjunct teaching career, concluded an adjunct teaching career, returned to publishing and writing center consulting, finished my book, AND SOLD IT!

A Girl Walks Into a Book is forthcoming from Seal Press, May 16, 2017!

I hope you will all buy it, read it, and steadfastly ignore me when I tell you, blushingly, oh no that’s fine you really don’t have to. You do have to. Please. If you don’t mind.

I’ve come a long way from the college kid, novice New Yorker, not-quite-Brooklynite  that I have been on this blog at various times. But I really miss the spontaneity, the rambling about things, the life-narrative that emerged when I was recording the details of daily existence here! It’s why we love to hate blogs, I know, but it’s also the fun thing about having one. I retreated to my old private Livejournal at times during the past few years but most of my connections there are now on Twitter, or Facebook, or even passed beyond the reach of wifi or keyboard (some of you may remember Meopta/Meoskop from the comments here. I miss her most of all). If I want to go back and see what I was thinking two or five or ten years ago, there used to be pages of updates, round-ups, memes, lists etc. And the past few years are a bit opaque without these signposts.

So, look for more from me here in the near future! I hope! I’m watching Pitch and have so many feelings!



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