What a difference an almost-year makes! I’ve started collecting my clips over here at this Tumblr yonder, resolving to blog there and failing utterly. I’m mostly on twitter and instagram, save the 3 weeks I took off for a Book-writing intensive, that partly paid off but then partly… well…


Let’s just say the biggest piece of advice I’ve often heard and frequently ignored is “PROTECT YOUR WRITING TIME.” Teachers tried to tell me, established writers tried to tell me, friends tried to tell me, and you better believe Charlotte Brontë tried to tell me. So, this summer began in a flurry of proctoring law school exams, freelance editing, laying very still and recuperating from 3 months of puppy-related sleep-deprivation, then teaching a summer high school creative writing workshop (where for the first time I let my guard down and bonded with my students and it was AMAZING), and then my BFF was in town…but then I had a month, a whole month, in which to do nothing but work on my book (my 14 page essay is a BOOK NOW, you guys! And I went to Haworth and did research and everything but I digress).


And the first week was phenomenal. I deleted twitter and instagram from my phone (I kept FB so I could post Brontë quotes and um, become reobsessed with FB) made progress, I chalked up hearty word counts, I edited with discipline and judgment. And then the second week…I had to go back to the books, and transfer from writing/editing mode into research mode. It was bumpy. And then family came into town and disrupted 2 days worth of writing. And then petty little editing projects “Oh it won’t take you more than a day” started to creep in. And then E and I went to the beach. And then E went out of town for 4 days and I reinstalled twitter to fight the loneliness. But then I got to go to the Morgan Library and do some more first person research! Which now I have to transfer back into a writing mode to infuse into my book and. And then my fall syllabus was due today, so I spent this week equal parts working on it and procrastinating. Oh and did I mention I decided to start up a dogsitting/walking business amidst all of this? DISRUPTIONS EVERYWHERE. 

My writing tracker looks like this

7/21/14 8:30 – 1:00 1053 Welcome back. Critical heritage! 65,106 66,159 WH/AG critics
7/22/14 8:30 – 2:30 2116 Critical adds, mostly 66,159 68,275 215 Spotty work habits!
7/23/14 7:30-1:30 with breaks! 1906 Criticism, WH – Villette (reviews!) 68,275 70,181 10:30 – Dog business
7/24/14 7:45-11:15 1090 Criticism, letters, Villette–Haworth 70,181 71,271 217  
7/28/14 11:00-1:30 589 Notes on each chapter, snapshot, added Haworth rainbow 71,271 71,860 220 Made appt request for the Morgan library! 8/8
7/30/14 7:30 825 Letters 71,860 72,685 222 Embarassing work day.
8/1/14 7:30-10:15 176 Runthrough-beginning through Innocents abroad 72,685 72,861 Back to the grindstone, dammit
8/5/14 8:00 1004 Letters; most words added aren’t mine 72,861 73,865 stay awake!!!!
8/6/14 8-11; 5-7:30 1139 Research paper; Letters 73,865 75,004 229
8/7/14 9:00

Sigh. I got basically a week and a half of work out of my book-month. I’m trying to elbow out all of next week. I really need to have absolutely nothing else on my plate. Once school starts there’s, you know, school and thesis advisor conferences and a freelance project I took on that involves developing and editing a book on workplace writing skills. And I can be derailed by something as simple as proofreading a blogpost for someone else, so I need to have no errands, no appointments, no obligations to really PRODUCE as the professional writing types say. 


Protect your time, writing types.

A dog can help you think while you walk them but they will not help you re-energize at night. In the afternoon, mid-draft, sure. They’ll knock you out for 4 hours and you won’t know what hit you. 


That said, Roxy continues charming. For those first few months she was waking up at 5 am every day, at which point I’d drag us both to the couch to cling to an extra hour of sleep, but she seems to be gradually growing out of it. She even slept in until 9:00 while Eric was out of town. She plays well, sleeps well during the day, her separation anxiety is way down thanks to the judicious deployment of canned food involving pumpkin bits and gravy.


And Twitter and Tumblr and FB and uh, real life, know all about this but psst, WordPress! We’re getting married! The wedding-planning is done! I just need to uh, finish making invitations to the post-nuptials dinner and send them. I made the process very difficult for myself so it’s entirely my fault that it seems too daunting to bother with. The joy of planning a small elopement-style ceremony and a dinner with family afterwards is we get to separate all (well..many) of the opinions and expectations that surround a wedding from our actual vow-exchanging, and then provide an evening for our loved ones that is just about celebrating this new be-unioned-state. 



Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome. I wish Gomora could have done a little more but I really, really liked it.

Maleficent was also great–the visual homage to the original animated film were beautifully done. 

I’d convinced myself the second Avengers movie was out already and I had an opinion on it, but this seems to have been a hallucination. 

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