Dazed and Schooled

Yesterday marked my first ever (..this semester) Tuesday that was not Just a Recovery Day From Monday And Or Stressful Weekend Travel. I have been molding young minds for approximately 5 weeks now and I love it. They’ve just gotten their first essays back and are preparing to embark on outlining their second essays. I like the prepping, the teaching, the grading, and the conferencing. I really like chalkboards.

I love the whole rigmarole so much that my hydra-headed nest of a 5 year plan has gone from “I don’t know maybe trying to write for TV or tutor or run creative writing workshops or teach high school or just copy edit while I finish my Brontë book project and make comics and sell crafts on the side God can we just have a baby so I don’t have to think about any of this THX” to…..

“Teach here for my two year appointment (try to segue into a fulltime gig for afterwards), turn in my thesis, adjunct for no more than a year or two while finishing/shopping my book (and freelancing so I can eat, and stuff), then begin applying for fulltime writing faculty positions.” 

So blammo. Sorry, people who follow my blog for whom I am extremely grateful, for my lack of blog-focus. I won’t pretend I didn’t have time to post here–I beat Lego LOTR basically by myself last month. But it’s hard to operate on multiple channels simultaneously. It was easier when I was younger and fancy free, I guess. Plus I wasn’t living with a partner and trying to be a grownup (we cooked actual dinners involving ingredients and heat this week! TWICE! Things are going really well. In non-food areas too). 

I think it may be about time to retire this here forum and set up shop on a Professional Type Blog, with my full name on it, where I can post clips and blog about my book project in a manner likely to attract positive professional attention, even. I’m still on Twitter, and maybe will start using Tumblr more often. Right now it intimidates me because I am inept.gif 

Anyway. Thank you for reading and being around. I wrote this thing at The Toast, in case you missed it 🙂 

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