#TheWeekly #12 (Blame Spring Break Edition)

AKSHULLY  I worked super hard on my spring break! Well, the second-fifth days of it. I got myself up on the regular, wrote, edited, and made art. Which I’m just about reconciled to the fact that I do on the regular. Make art, that is. Apparently it’s writing I don’t do anymore.

ANYHOO. If you’re the type who visits this actual blog page you may have noticed I added an Instagram link over on the right there (also Tumblr, but I’m still figuring out what belongs on Tumblr, what belongs on the blog, and everything else just goes to Twitter), where I’ve started posting the artwork I’m making as I make it. It’s exciting and inspiring to see other sketchbook artists, so if you’re interested feel free to bookmark it and check back occasionally!

This week I finally turned on the little antique books I found at the Friends of the Ithaca Library book fair last year. I know people have mixed feelings about repurposing books in artwork, but my philosophy with these particular books is that they are old and archaic and falling apart and nobody is ever going to open them for reading purposes again, so why not highlight specific pages in an artistic context, and turn what remains into art too?

I started with this birthday present for my friend Sally, who loves cupcakes, obv. Then I made one for E that’s all lovey dovey (and will not be getting a close up :P) and finally one for my mom, and since I had frames handy, I framed them.

E's, my mom's and Sally's (L-R) - if you'd like to commission one, I have tons of pages, every letter of the alphabet and plenty of musical terms to go on

E’s, my mom’s and Sally’s (L-R)                      If you’d like to commission one, I have tons of pages, every letter of the alphabet and plenty of musical terms to go on!

Sally's Cupcake

Important question: Would youse buy these if they were on say, Etsy (or a less evil/reseller prone site that you’d looove to recommend to me in the comments? Because between these watercolors, the artist’s books I’m making for my Art of the Book class, the folding books ,the sketchbook marker fests and another school-related art project I completed recently involving Shakespeare and an extended bird metaphor…. it turns out I have a body of work! This summer I’ll get my lil screenprinting press up and running too.

So. Would you buy it? Any specific images you’d like on a t-shirt or a mousepad or whatever else CafePress prints on? What else would you like to see?

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