[Insert weather correspondant + Star Trek redshirt joke here]

[insert joke where I profess not to have known this storm was coming]

[insert list of all the things I’ve done to prepare, humorously arranged so it sounds like I’m both overthinking and underthinking the storm’s potential]

[insert gripe about all news coverage, hyperbole, imperfect syntax, faulty logic, Captain Obviousing and poor grammar running rampant:

— If it’s historic, it’s historic all over. Not “historic for some people.”

— If meteorologists who stare at this stuff all the time have never seen anything like it, chances are Herbie Ditmore, Long Island City reisdent, has also not seen anything like it

— Stop asking people on the street what the water looks like to them. ]

Here is a picture of Gracie preparing for the storm. 






School continues awesome and busy, New York I’m sure is engrossing just outside the boundaries of workshop, seminars, printmaking class and Chair’s fellows projects. You’d like to think two days of rained-in-itude, following a lovely trip to Philadelphia with one’s boyfriend, would be fruitful havens of creativity. Instead I am eating all the emergency candy before eating the emergency vegetables and bouncing like a crazy person.

But! Back when I was relatively whole-brained, I had a graphic novel revelation, and am now at work on a prototype of my autobiographical comic, which will be 30 pages long and full of New York imagery.

Of course, it’s sitting safely in my drawer in the printmaking shop. So. Today I read and try to write. I have Gigantor’s XBox should some sanity-preserving Portal be necessary. Also K-Cup got us Showtime so we can mainline Homeland tonight.

Hope your hatches are battened!


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