Greetings and Salutations!

Apologies for the lapse in writification – first there was the teaching, then the beach, then there was work, then any number of things, really, that kept me from checking in here.

Today it’s back to school, where most Real Writing gets reserved for workshops and seminars, where I can go back to swimming every day despite the perpetual weirdness of all the other superunfriendly swimmers, where I kind of wish there was someone around to take what may be my last ever First Day Of School photo. Not that we really did those growing up, but you know. I may go back for a PhD some day and have to fill this post with strike-thrus.

So far in all the pre-first-day-of-school run-up activities and preparations I’ve been doing with the other Chair’s Fellows and the incoming first years, I’ve been struck by just how much easier it is to  be confident and outgoing when you already know the answers. Last year,  I was slipping in and out of events, chugging Diet Coke and trying not to be seen except by the handful of kindred spirits I’d managed to find on Facebook (the Jaimes, Meg, I<3 you).

This year I led a group of first years at orientation, answering questions, trying to make them laugh, helping them get to know one another and manage their expectations about the program. It’s easy because I love this program. And because I’m a know-it-all. I just wish I had been half as relaxed and excited to meet new people last year, because as great a year as I managed to have, it probably would have excelled even more if I’d, you know, not skipped out on any event after 9. Ah well, hindsigh, 20/20, etc.

It has been a truly excellent summer. Truly. I wish you guys were here for it. And as we all embark on our 2012 autumnal season….. I hope y’all kick some ass. In the words of Margo Jefferson, “Be generous with one another.”

In the words of Charlotte Bronte, “It would take a great deal to crush me.”

So bring it.

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