So many opinions….

And none of them are about television! Are you relieved?

Ok one of them is about television – I watched the pilot of Newsroom and I haven’t looked back. Smug, irrelevant, annoying. If Studio 60’s comedy wasn’t funny, Newsroom’s news isn’t interesting. My least favorite parts of the West Wing were the fabricated international political standoffs…I guess the only thing less exciting than conflicts in fictionalized countries  is coverage of nonfiction news wayyy after the fact. Plus all the women’s stories were about FEELINGS and the men’s were about manly manly news.

Anyway. I’m finishing up my spec script, starting a new pilot project, and trying to wrap my head back around to the autobiographical comic I started last fall.

AND I start teaching my first writing seminar on Tuesday! I went from supremely confident to surprisingly nervous in the span of a week so wish me lucks.

Now. Opinions.

Daniel Tosh. Douchebag. If you are funny, there is no reason to begin a set defensively insisting that rape jokes are funny. I fully disclose that I am not a stand-up comedian, I have never had to handle a heckler, and yet somehow even if I was riffing on a controversial topic I feel like I would know better than to just casually suggest someone who interrupted me be the victim of a vicious act of violence. Free speech, blah blah blah, at the end of the day dudes who defend Tosh are defending the right to joke about something that hurts actual people to have joked about. Why bother? Why not move on to any of the thousands of ACTUALLY funny things in the universe? Sigh. And if you fuck up, don’t waffle about context and apologize dismissively. Take the Jason Alexander/Bill Corbett public apology route — research why you were wrong, apologize for all the ways, and MEAN IT.

Body hair. This UK reporter went a month without shaving and at the end found she was just too self conscious to maintain it. Obviously it’s a personal decision we all make, etc, and it’s not easy to desensitize yourself to the public reaction to a socialized beauty ritual. My main problem with the cosmetic alterations prescribed for the performance of femininity is that at some point, someone had to tell us to do it.

I hate the argument that people “just prefer smooth bodies.” If that were true, there would be identical pressure on men to dehairify their entire bodies as well–I’ve seen ads for men’s razors where they shave their faces, I’ve never seen an ad for Nair targeted to men or a commercial where men reclined on beach towels stroking their smooth calves. If we really preferred smooth bodies, instead of a simulation of prepubescence in women, hairlessness would be a universal quest. It’s not. Anyway, kudos to Cherry Healey for trying, and a thousand demerits to the bone-brained commenters who criticized her for doing so.

Anyway, I’m halfway through a busy, exciting summer with a lot of work and I hope some more relaxation in front of me. I’ve already had a beach day and a beach weekend (in which we crammed into 48 hours everything my family usually takes a week to do: seafood, boardwalk, ice cream, amusement park rides and of course, water/sand funtime), hoping to stretch that to a beach week next month.

It’s amazing how hard it got to sit down and write as soon as school was out – I went from locking myself in the library for hours to clearly being unable to confine myself to a single topic for the purposes of this all-purpose catch-up.

And look, here’s a pretty picture!

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2 Responses to So many opinions….

  1. Tannis says:

    Tosh…I can’t even find the words. Really.

    • mkpheartsnyc says:

      It’s been an upsetting week to be a woman who likes comedy and wants to find a home in it someday. A lot of people feel it’s really important that they not have to think through their jokes before they make them, and once they screw up and let something horrible out, that they don’t then need to apologize like grownups. Sigh.

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