Girls Ep 8 “Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too”

Oh lordy. This show. I am more stream-of-consciousnessy in my write-up than Deep and Analytical because I am awash in my TV coursework, but I wanted to say something.

I was totally surprised at the turn-Adam-into-a-boyfriend move, but now I a little bit dig them. I mean, I don’t like either of them…. Hannah continues to have trouble speaking up for herself, and though Adam is more dimensional, he is still kind of appalling (who doesn’t like ice cream!?)… but then again, we don’t usually get to see two people being TWO PEOPLE before they’re in a relationship. Usually we have our viewfinder character and we have their orbiting planet, and everything about them is crafted to accommodate the other character. There is something irresistible about stories that just…tell themselves…without worrying about making characters who are attractive all the time.

Anyway. They are weird and cute together, especially during the running scene. And seeing Marnie fall apart after dumping Charlie – hate-facebooking/twittering (which I have both done and had-done-to-me…just as fun as you think!) the ex and his new squeeze – is satisfying. So strange to see Adam being sympathetic.

And then Jessa comes in with poor adaptive skills to a heat-related environment, and she and Marnie bond over kvetching in re: Hannah. Pro tip, skirt-wearers! White-stick deodorant on the inner thighs cuts way down on the chub rub! Heh, I appreciate that the show is acknowledging that Adam could be just a fucking weirdo. Or he might be brilliant. Whichevs.

The tech rehearsal. Oh god. I wish he’d been doing a real play instead of a sigh, whatever that was. Oh the faith of the determinedly strange in the value and merits of their strangeness. Adam bailing after the other guy spent 2K was suuuper douchey. And now he’s building a boat?

Ah, Jessa is the voice of reason. Get out of your head, young women in breakup mode! Dress up and go out and do something else that will ultimately lead to you being a more interesting person than you were before. Oooh the Irish cop from Bridesmaids I love youuuuuu! His American accent hurts me, however.

Oh god the peeing. OH GOD. Ok, no. I am firmly in the “maintain the mystery” camp when it comes to, ahem, the bathroom. Like I might even install extra locks. A pet-door for my future hypothetical children, fine, but significant others and bathroom functions DO NOT belong in a semi-sexy shower context.

This is the thing I hate about Adam and Hannah – that he constantly displays a lack of interest in what she wants or in obtaining consent. He just…does it. And it saddens me that she doesn’t speak up to articulate her wants aside from … well, the screaming at him off screen was a nice touch. I get that he thought she’d laugh…but *shudder*

Ah, the kernel of truth – Adam would rather do nothing than be mediocre. As though you can just be brilliant straight out the gate. I have learned that sometimes it’s better to be a goofy, self-absorbed, tremendously flawed writer for a good long while as your ability catches up to your ambition. Do something crappy! Then the next time, do something better! Lord those onesies.

…..oh god. IrishCopMcHottie is an unfortunate DJ (in a gorgeous apartment). Oh god. OH GOD he’s a square. Whoa. Yawn, girls making out for attention. This is not what I meant about being more interesting, Marnie! I understand DJ Sadsack’s outrage–nothing like being boxed out of a three-way you’ve been trying to engineer all night.

Hey look! Someone not just on the internet is calling these entitled broke-but-not-poor chiquitas out! Granted, it is a creepster who thinks working a job in “the real world” entitles him to sexual access to whoever he wants…but still! From the beginning I liked the self-awareness of this little world. And I continue to like Jessa’s bullshit detector.

Aw, but look who turned out to be decent apologizer. Adam, some late-night public art, makes an extravagant gesture that, while not compensating for a lack of basic communication skills, gets him a little closer to normal than “total weirdo.”

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