Girls Episode 7

So, what’s going well with Girls… the agony and ecstasy of torturing yourself with ex contact. It doesn’t matter who dumped who or what “it” was to begin with, if you know where your kryptonite is stored (and in this case, it’s a warehouse party in Brooklyn) you will go over and handle it and eff yourself up.

Marnie wants the boyfriend she dumped, begged back and redumped….but only in a condescending pitying way until she sees him with another girl. I like that our likeable but generally smug and immature friend is getting some comeuppance, courtesy of her ex’s rebound and Hannah’s ex’s smack to the face.

Hannah sees Adam out in the wild for the first time and after announcing she will never talk to him, promptly walks over to get creepery.

Then she gets the delightful “seeing your someone through the eyes of someone else” thing–she can’t let Adam go to begin with and now we’re finding out he’s in AA and loves books?! Augh that guy is bad news.
But he dances with Hannah so he can’t be all bad, right? WRONG, ladies, run awaaaay. Don’t ride on their bikes! Don’t carry their backpacks! Don’t leave your friends for them!!

I mean, yes, ask your nonboyfriend boyfriends about their lives. More on that later.

And whoa, Shoshana has gone where no Carrie Bradshaw with some Samantha aspects has gone before and accidentally smoked some crack. Yikes. Her running off at the warehouse….hiiiiilars but also seriously kids don’t smoke anything on line for the bathroom. But if you do, definitely have taken kickboxing. Because then when you beat the crap out of the spirit guide who’s chasing you maybe you’ll have a meet cute.

Aaahahaha– Jessa’s interaction with the party swells, “you’re going to label us a subculture and then not accurately label the subculture” was exquisite. Well it was until the father she babysits for caught the brunt of the toughs’ retaliation. I do want to raise a question about where her makeup and wardrobe keep going. A few weeks ago when she was all dolled up in heavy makeup and a bun, talking to her ex, by the time they got to shagging in Shoshana’s apartment, all that geisha-esque makeup was totally gone. TSK.

The moral of the story is, NO PARTIES IN BUSHWICK. Stay home and do some arts and crafts or practice your biker hipster insults. Which you won’t need if you stay out of Bushwick.

So, Hannah’s smile in the cab was priceless, a classic sign of misdirected expectations. Where would Peggy be of she had picked up Don’s money to go to Paris?! “do you want me to be your fucking boyfriend” is not the stuff dreams are made of.

Something I think a lot of people missed in the early eps was that Lena Dunham is not rewarding and encouraging selfishness…she is pointing it out in twenty something after twenty something. It’s not an ideal, it’s just one flavor of life.

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