Girls episode 3: All Adventurous Girls Do

“What is going on? Is it some kind of solstice?!”

This show is winning me over because while the characters might look normal, and speak realistically, whatever they say in a given situation is totally absurd. I enjoy that.

Hannah is trying to have a sexy sex life fantasy (dress up hot and show up unannounced) when reality intervenes–she has HPV. And her skeeve of a nonboyfriend tries to do the sympathetic thing but when Hannah asks the very logical “did you give it to me?” question lies about being tested (my best dyke friend works for a dick doctor?! dude!) after mocking her contours (i.e. gathering her fat, wtf who does this, this guy sucks). This whole show, if it were just a PSA for twenty-something women on Who Not To Do? Would be worth it.

Jessa is practicing Babysitting While Being Wildly Inappropriate (except she actually seems kind of awesome at the kid-hanging-out part, listening to some little darling’s novel approvingly while nomming string cheese and hanging out in a fort) — wearing a sheer dress over florescent underwear, etc. A friend of mine used to nanny for a woman who was just this privileged but way less together/motivated.

Shoshana is hilariously enmeshed in her snuggy of entitlement, and the gameshow “Baggage” sounds fantastic. My littlest baggage is probably that I won’t eat tomatoes. My medium baggage might be the recovering alcoholic thing. My biggest baggage … well… invite me on TV and offer me some cash and prizes and we’ll get into it. Zosia Mamet is hilarious, especially for those of us who got to know her as self-assured Joyce on Mad Men. Another small thing that justifies this ENTIRE SHOW to me is when Hannah confesses her medium baggage, “That I bought four cupcakes on my way home and I just ate one in your bathroom,” Shoshana nods, without comment. How do you not love that?! That proves to me this show is not trying to be Sex and the City. It is a descendent of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras, if anything. MOAR SHOSHANA! “You have to break a few eggs to do what’s right, you know? I mean, like, you wouldn’t want all his future lovers to have your disease, you know what I mean? No offense.”

Marnie, sick of her Nice Eunuch Boyf, entertains the dismissive attentions of some artist dude and uh, entertains herself in a gallery bathroom afterwards. Though comically detached and disproportionate in her emotional reactions to things, she sometimes seems the closest to an actual human. Her turned-onness in response to a fairly crude come-on is I think a common one as we graduate from the boys to the manpool. We won’t find out that the “men” are also boys until later, but at first they seem to have their shit together and know how to get a woman into the boudoir with assertive, slightly domineering flair. It’s bewitching. It makes us dismiss things we like as “lame suggestions.” We’ll come through it to the other side when the nice people have grown up into the confident people but this artist-type is what happens to us in the middle.

And then Hannah has a confrontation with an exboyfriend who has come out as gay since their breakup. The whole setup, where the bar looks sexy and grown-up. The fact that her ex’s coming out isn’t a Very Special moment, that she reacts by confronting the “gay little voice,” which he repeats in the most effeminate possible voice before asking “is this about the scarf”…. And then telling her that she’s got a handsomeness to her…I die.

Lena Dunham’s New York is full of people who know what human activity is supposed to look like but have no natural instincts to actually execute said human activity.

As someone who feels crazy awkward all the time, I Looooooove that everyone here was born with silver feet in their mouths. So there, internet backlash!

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2 Responses to Girls episode 3: All Adventurous Girls Do

  1. bebehblog says:

    I saw this by accident and IMMEDIATELY wanted to come read your recap (I had been skipping them because I wasn’t watching)(am bad friend) because I LOVED it and felt a little bit like I should be embarrassed for loving it but I’m so glad it’s ok.

    Although I rolled my eyes when Hannah hesitated a minute before posting “All adventurous women do” on Twitter. Who PAUSES before tweeting? HellOOOOO.

    • mkpheartsnyc says:

      hahaha – yes, you are a terrible friend for not making room for TV watching in your childrearing schedule and thusly missing my recaps 🙂

      I laughed a little, but given that she is someone very “aware of her web presence”, it made total sense that she would be carefully selecting a tweet to represent Who She Will Be Going Forward.

      Gawd I hope she stops sleeping with that guy.

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