Girls episode 2

Ohhhhh self sabotage.

So in this ep we have three examples of twenty something sex–the deadening sleeping-with-a-jerk kind, and the deadening sleeping-with-a-nice-inadequate-guy kind. Both stem from girls not saying what they’re thinking to men they want to want to see them naked. I’m digging the contrast between Hannah and her roommate Marnie. Two insufficiently self-actualized halves of the same whole. Shoshana and Jessa are my new favorite odd couple. Oh and then there’s the stranger in a bar sex.

Omg “haven’t you seen Rent?” “oh please I’ve seen it like twelve times. It’s basically why I moved to New York.” THIS is such a REAL THING. These girls…they don’t know shit and they have all these fears. All their solutions come from TV and movies and Google (I maybe can relate. A SMIDGE) and yet they’re out in the world being people and saying super-inappropriate things because they can’t stop talking. Oy. Self centeredness, it turns out, can be hilarious from the outside.

I even love the plug for “I hate when women tell other women what to do” because like, zomg so meta. Stop telling this show what to do–like it, hate it, it can’t be anything but what it is.

It made my heart so happy to see Mike Birbiglia on my TV!! And then I cringed as Hannah singlehandedly destroyed what was a swinging, if overly casual, job interview. Hilars. PS if you are going to mention date rape and hope to get a laugh, this is how you do it. Neither the subject nor the object of the joke is a person getting raped. The joke is on Hannah and poor Birbigs (who has also figured out how to make a joke involving the idea of rape without marginalizing survivors of rape).

The closing scene, where Hannah’s getting tested for STDs after Jessa doesn’t show to the abortion her friends so kindly threw for her, and the doc says “you could not pay me to be 24 again” after listening to Hannah ramble about her ridiculous anxieties.

I’m only two years away from it but yeah. Totes.

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2 Responses to Girls episode 2

  1. Ellen says:

    I was rooting for Hannah to ace the interview just so Mike Birbiglia would make more appearances! Alas, it was not to be.

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