“Girls” Stream of conscious blogging

“I am busy, trying to become who I am.” 

Epically self absorbed and accurate! The sense of entitlement is right in there from the very beginning. This is not a hardscrabble success show, this is not a pretending-to-be-average-while-humbly-being-exceptional show, this is a show about realistically annoying people in a realistically hard to live in city.

So we’ve got Hannah, our….I’m going to call her a primarytagonist, her roommate, The One With The Boyfriend She Doesn’t Love, their friend The British One (Annie Hall in the cab) and The British One’s cousin, Joyce from Mad Men who in this show is a Sex and the City astrologer.

WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE IN EACHOTHER’S BATHROOM SPACE?! I would die. Kill myself and die again. I have not taken a bath in a room with another person since I was maybe 5 in a tub with my cousin. I do like that the bathroom is crappy and paint peely and the apartment almost seems like a reasonable size. I love the eating of the cupcake in the bathtub.

I will always be a fan of girls talking frankly and honestly about feelings even if the feelings are not “becoming” or attractive. These girls do look and dress and sound like real people. Annoying, doofy, lost people. But for sure real.

Hannah will no longer be receiving financial support from her parents. Abruptly. Big ol’ chalice of #whitewine being served up, and we’re supposed to know the show knows it. So she calls up the guy on her list, the distant, disrespectful, losersauce twenty something guy many of us find from time to time, in his cluttered, Crappy, scrappy apartment,. Oh gross.

Twenty-somethings who will soon consider this show as inspiration to move to New York, if a guy says he will “consider” getting a condom, GET UP AND WALK OUT RIGHT THIS SECOND. If he utters the words “You’re not that fat anymore,” GET UP AND RUN. If he won’t tell you a real answer until after he tells you a stupid joke-lie answer to something as simple as “what time is it?” WHAT WERE YOU DOING THERE AT ALL?!

So she has the bad sex, goes home to a dinner party where The Girl With The Boyfriend, The British One and a douchey guy with opium pods are having a sad dinner party, and Hannah announces she will have to leave New York in 4 days or what, Work at McDonalds? It prompts Opium Man to wax rhapsodic about chicken nuggets, which is total pink goo, but incidentally hell yes. That’s exactly what you do. You work retail, you work food service, and you do what it takes to stay here!

Watching this IS like watching Clueless only the dialogue is less slangy and the clothes are way less ridiculously awesome.

What turned out to be most intriguing about this pilot is that Hannah is a user! She is not put upon, she is not a victim, we are not supposed to sympathize! It has been a while since there was a girl on my TV who I was going to find out what happened to and didn’t particularly care for. I am ok with this. Not everybody is supposed to be likeable, people. Doesn’t mean there’s not a story to tell.

More to come….(as well as Game of Thrones and Mad Men, sorry people! I’ve been aligning my future and freaking out about my taxes but will be back at the wheel shortly!)

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