Game of Thrones episode 12

introductions all around! In which Varys meets Shay, Arya makes the acquaintance of Jaqen Hgar, Sam and Jon meet Gilly. Danaerys loses a bloodrider and gets Kahleesily pissed about it, Theon Greyjoy is the Pete Campbell of Baratheon Stark Targaryen Lannister ; Littlefinger conducts business as usual, Janos Slynt is on the receiving end of some HR restructuring, the band of misfits en route to the Wall gets some screentime, we finally meet a black person with lines–Salladhor Saan, Cersei needs some PR help, Stannis gets up close and personal with the Lord of Light by proxy, and Jon Snow sees something nasty in the wilderness

Some things I’m liking about Dany’s development, imperfect as may be, are the new expressions on her face and the lowered pitch of her voice. She’ll make a queen yet….

More Exposition Through Sex…but at least it was taken more or less from the book as opposed to randomsauce. I have pretty much had enough of women as possessions but I know it’s not going to get any better. I feel like they’re building Littlefinger up as though he were on par with someone from the major houses. With his level of involvement that makes sense, but it feels wrong to equate his brothel with everyone else’s castles, and placing him front and center represents a significant rejiggering. It was pretty effective to have him be so little known in the books until suddenly he wasn’t.

I also appreciate that they are emphasizing the gravity of the child murders- three scenes about it so far. Nobody’s expressing remorse or anything… But at least they’re acknowledging the WTFery of the moment, that Tyrion wasn’t on board with it, it was Joffrey’s brilliant idea, and that the new Lord Commander Bronn isn’t going to be much of a softer touch.

For those of you new to the series, Arya, Gendry, Lommy and Hot Pie are four of the best things about it. They are spunky and human and give us half a chance to imagine what we non-Nobles might actually do if thrown in the morass of Westeros and told to make our way. Keep an eye on the creepy dudes in the cage-wagon.

Pro-tip: if you have siblings you haven’t seen in a long time, and you go back to your hometown, assume EVERYONE IS YOUR SIBLING OR PARENT. It will save you the trouble of “pulling a Theon” or having a complex named after you. Ew. Asha Greyjoy (her name in the book–it sounded like Ayara onscreen) is the woman with the most skills we’ve met thus far and I think she’s pretty badass. We’re up to seven aspiring rulers now, by the way.

Maybe Melisandre is the one with the highest level of skill…though in application she’s been a little less practical up to now, flaming sword stunt aside. You’d think she’d wear more undergarments under her satin robe in that drafty open air sea castle…but that might get in the way of her Anne Boleynning. Who knew Stannis would prove so weak?! Or so dexterous, as he shtupped her on the map table with barely an unbuckling…

Things beyond The Wall continue eerie. For every Dolorous Edd flatulence joke there is some real White Walker shiz brewing…..

No Robb, no Catelyn, no Renly, but we have world enough and time.

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2 Responses to Game of Thrones episode 12

  1. kim says:

    It’s actually Yara Seems Osha/Asha was too close together.
    Cue everyone else asking — Arya Yara??!

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