War is Coming! And Also Advertising!

In a few weeks I am going to be caught in a maelstrom of TV watching, recapping and discussing at length. Mad Men‘s long-delayed 5th season begins on March 25, and Game of Thrones season 2 (The Season Based on The Book Known as The Clash of Kings) premieres on April 1st.

I do not have cable. Last time Mad Men was new, I simply purchased an exorbitant season pass and caught every episode the morning after. And recapped spottily. Almost never, in fact. But this season will be different!

I have never had HBO. To watch Game of Thrones last season I a) skyped with a friend who did have HBO, b) received links to sketchily download pirated versions from a different friend, and c) did both. Most of my blog traffic (which I have just learned, thanks to a WordPress update, is impressively international — HELLO, GLOBAL READERS! I CAN SEE WHERE YOU ARE FROM! PLEASE SAY HI USING A COLLOQUIAL PHRASE OF YOUR CHOICE!) still comes from people wondering if they should read the books before they watch Game of Thrones (YES), if Game of Thrones is feminist (…on balance NO, though there are some ferocious female characters, the pervading narrative climate is profoundly misogynistic) and other sundry Game of Thrones questions (look here for all my commentary/merch posts).

Anyway. We have a LOT to talk about, and probably what I will try to do is get a regular schedule going–Tuesday morning for Mad Men posts, Wednesday morning for Game of Thrones (shady download availability permitting). I hope all of youse who’ve spent the offseasons googling this blog will join in and comment in as non-mansplainy a manner as possible. Just ask yourselves, “What Would Arya Stark Stab Me In The Gut For Saying?” or alternatively, “What Would Dr. Faye Drop Her Cultured Accent For?”

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One Response to War is Coming! And Also Advertising!

  1. TMP says:

    That section in book 3 or 5, can’t remember, where Danny finds herself declaring a woman to be the property of her rapist made me put it down and walk away. It was so uncalled for, so gross, and so gratuitous that I finished with the series right then and there.

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