Announcing an Important Development for the 3Q Institute!

So last week, when I was all Sisyphus-ian and dogged and Determined Despite Disappointment, I had no idea that the next big thing was an hour away. Well, two hours away. I hit “post”, and the host of my favorite lecture series emailed me to invite me to present my research on the Third Questioner in the next Adult Education event! 

The theme is “Transformation” and I am in the august company of my fellow lecturers:

MATT DEBENHAM: How to Be a Recovering Recovering Alcoholic
As a college student Debenham stopped drinking and began secretly attending AA meetings, convinced he was an alcoholic, though, upon reflection, he clearly was not. Debenham investigates the purpose of his odd double life and whether it is possible to recover from recovery.

RITCH DUNCAN AND BOB POWERS: The Werewolf’s Guide To Life
Duncan and Powers provide a guide to lycanthropy for the newly bitten.

MKP: The Public Habits of the Third Questioner
Any public forum with a Q&A component is liable to be afflicted with a toxic strain of attention-seeking known as Third Questioning. What do we know about this menace, and what can be done to stop it!?

Most general-interest automobile books trace the birth of the car to Karl Benz’ 1885 three-wheeler. Torchinsky blows the lid off that notion and will help you choose a car to buy when you find yourself in the 1860’s.


Sooo I am super excited, PLUS making slides, so EVEN IF you were so lucky as to be present for my last speedtalking event, you should show up at Housing Works next month to hear the new and improved version.

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