Oscars Debrief

What we had: 5 awesome people, 1 awesome dog, 1 vat of baked potato soup with fixings (courtesy of K-Cup), gluten free cakeballs from Mama’s, pineapple upside down minicakes (gluten free and regular, K-Cup again), 3 kinds of chips, 2 kinds of hummus, 2 salsas, a ton of sodas and sparkling cider, token veggies, black and white cookies, two gluten-free nibbly desserts from Meredith’s Bread………. and now I have a stomach ache.


What was good:

Emma Stone’s head toss as she moved from deadpan into hamming it up

The Ladies of Bridesmaids being themselves and carrying over their Golden Globes Scorsese Drinking Game

Tina Fey’s speedyquick joke about writers in the dark looking at pictures of other people being like marriage

Chris Rock’s point about millionaire animation voice actors

Meryl’s elaborate remembering of her eyeglasses

Robert Downey Jr.’s schtick which helped us all forget that Gwyneth had recently been wearing a cape.

Penelope Cruz’ everything ever.

Christopher Guest and Company’s Wizard of Oz Focus Group



And that was it. Billy Crystal was a hammy, boring, waste of time and space and sound. I liked his Oscars the first 8 times well enough. The blackface was in poor taste, the jokes were DUSTY, the montages were old and irrelevant, and was that a “feminine” joke about J. Edgar? Bleargh. When homophobe Eddie Murphy pulled out because his homophobic director friend got fired, maybe that should have been a clue that homophobic jokes don’t belong at the Oscars. The Cirque Du Soleil thing was impressive but pointless.

Ellen DeGeneres J.C. Penny ads were more daring and fun than the entire show.

There is no reason Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy could not have hosted that show singly or in any combination thereof. Seriously. Last year, when Anne Hathaway was dancing with Hugh Jackman and James Franco was freaking high, at least all the movie clips and skits related to movies made in the past 2 years. Oy.

Anyhoo. Thanks to Hattie, Katie, and Meridith for coming out, to K-Cup for preparing excellent food, and Gracie for mostly behaving herself except when she totally did not at any point. 

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2 Responses to Oscars Debrief

  1. TMae says:

    Now that’s just crazy talk. A woman hosting the Oscars. Next you’ll be suggesting one should run for president!

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