What The Professor Wore (more doodles)

So I’m in this awesome queer cinema class, and even though it annoys me by focusing on dudes for the first half, I find it exciting to be in a space where I get to read, watch and think about queer issues and it is for CREDIT. So that’s exciting. It gave me some insight into my personality on the first day when I told a writing program friend where I was going (up to the film floor, *gasp*) , her reaction was “Oh you’re going to meet great new people!” and my reaction was “Ugh, I don’t want to meet anyone.”

Anyway, the professor is a very engaging guy, he’s written books about queer filmmakers and camp, and clearly has watched a lot of movies. If only we alternated films made by men and women, and talked about bisexuals more, and maybe watched a few episodes of Queer as Folk recreationally, it would be the absolute perfect class. On the very first day I was feeling awkward (see my above “don’t want to meet anyone” issues) and so as I listened to his introductory remarks I started doodling and found myself sketching him and his outfits. So now I pretty much do one every week. The man’s got flair.

Given that most writer professors are usually wearing all black or jeans and a button-down, this is a welcome change.

Disclaimer: I do not know what is up with that boy scout looking shirt.

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