Cracked and Luke McKinney, j’taime.

Big kudos to Gigantor for pointing me to this awesome article, “8 Stupidest Defenses Against Sexism”, a follow-up to the 5 Most Ridiculously Sexist Superhero Costumes. I especially loved his takedown of Amanda Waller’s reboot (it’s under Rule #3). 


Go read both articles, all I really have to say is WELL DONE SIR. 

I also love comics. I am willing to believe that SOME super people need to wear spandex to do what they do. But if they need to wear spandex to be good at their jobs, they also need their long hair in a freaking ponytail and not to have breasts that would actually make it impossible to see their feet.

I would like to see some superheros like Iron Woman character. Her armor is armor-like, not second-skin-like. She is smarter than Tony Stark, doesn’t misbehave in stupid public ways, and is not in love with her assistant. She has short hair because long hair would get super sweaty inside that iron mask. Or a Daredeville, who is a blind attorney who doesn’t sexually harass her assistants. Or Rollerbladez, who skates across Gotham like a roller derby hellion and can slice you in half. I might write that one so NOBODY STEAL IT. 

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2 Responses to Cracked and Luke McKinney, j’taime.

  1. Ingrid says:

    I really want Rollerbladez to be a real thing now.

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