Good Riddance, Komen

Good morning people, digital and otherwise!

This week I’ve been plague ridden by something that made my ears, my throat and every inch of my sinuses full of pain. I have not enjoyed it.

But I wanted to comment on this Komen thing. The famous pink ribboned organization that only donates 17% of its income to actual breast cancer research announced this week that it would no longer be providing $660,000 in annual grants for breast health screenings at Planned Parenthood.

Some people are furious because Komen clearly capitulated to anti choice leadership with its ranks and in Republican leadership

Other people are delighted because they a) erroneously believe abortion increases breast cancer risks or b) hate both abortion and breast cancer.

My stance is…..fine. Good, even. I dislike Komen and their infantilization of breast cancer patients, their sketchball business model, and I like them even less now that I know they don’t care about ALL aspects of women’s health, just the marketable ones.

Those of us who believe in Planned Parenthood are the ones who should support Planned Parenthood. Those of us who support Planned Parenthood should receive the support and appreciation of its leadership and its patients. People who want the gratitude of reproductive health activists without providing anything to our cause should get nothing.

And now Komen gets nothing.

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