The Great Room Makeover of Aught 12

Before and After in a gallery thing I clearly do not know how to operate but will try to fix tomorrow: Have now fixed and captioned! Huzzaaaaah

Super peaceful and awesome and inspiring, right?! All I did was:

1. Throw everything away. Seriously. You don’t need any of that. You’re deluding yourself into thinking you’ll use it. Just throw it away unless someone who comes to visit often gave it to you, and then just save the best stuff.

2. Get rid of everything you have not touched in 6 months

3. Get rid of everything, especially furniture, you took to college and still have

4. Take down all art that is not framed like something a grown-up has

5. Buy new stuff. Real furniture is great but everything I own is now made by Ikea except for the awesome couch we got at Housing Works, and that’s ok.

6. Make fake windows by hanging up curtains. Suddenly I have a corner bedroom! I might turn it into a 360 penthouse later. Just by hanging up curtains.

7. Profit.

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