2011 in review! Belatedly!

I know, we’re totes over 2011 already. On to 2012, year of mystery and enchantment!

But first let’s recap. I started 2011 by applying to my one and only dream grad school, and in March, I got in. Then I just…worked. And wrote some, and went to some Mets games, and took Gracie on long walks, played the piano in Battery Park and Brooklyn, survived a silent retreat, fell totally head over heels, started school, LOVED it, wrote some more. Sang a big solo in public for the first time. Took a class with the amazing, intimidating and supportive Simon Schama. Drew my first comic! Had a trip home to No.VA for family at Thanksgiving in which I made pie crust from gluten-free-mix-scratch. Drew my second comic! Had an even longer trip home all the way to Arkansas and Oklahoma over Christmas and New Year’s. Hit a relationship crossroads that led to a break-up I hope is temporary. Hope with a capital H, but it’s not just up to me. Stupid real life adult situation problems.

I feel like I stopped doing the day-to-day patter of stuff here because I wanted to focus on Real Writing, and then school took over the Real Writing portion of my brain, so you guys lost both the frivolity of my chattering and the occasional thoughtfulness of a post about real things. My b. I’ll try to add a little of both back in the mix as we go forward, how’s that?

Pause for Gracie:

Here are my writing goals for 2012!

1. Write every day, somewhere. Here, my ol’ LJ, a notebook, the walls

2. Submit 15 things I am proud of. Submitted to date: 3. I figure I’ll give it a month and then resubmit those 3 things to other places. And in the meantime, write new things.

3. Blog goals — Cover Mad Men and Game of Thrones. I’m also watching and loving Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and American joints like Raising Hope but I can’t do it all. I’m only human, allegedly.

4. School goals — Bronte-based research paper, filling in missing scenes from MKP and the Crazybrain (India, my Internship, last 4 years, etc), attending the free-for-writing-students figure drawing classes. I’m also taking an intro to queer international film seminar, which sounds awesome, and I have no idea what I want to do with it.

4. Focus on depth, instead of quantity, and since it certainly seems like humor is my genre, get better at it.

5. Summer TV Intensive. This is super ambitious and will require securing funding somehow, but C-world (I’ve decided that’s a real thing people should call my school) offers a 6 week MEGA INTENSE TV writing course. I would LOVE to write for TV. So why not see if I can?

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