SIB – Issue one! I made something!

This might have some technical issues, but here is my comic in all its…THIS IS A FIRST EFFORT BE GENTLE… glory. It might take a jllion years to load but it will be WORTH IT. Lemme know what you think, y’all.

SIB Comic 1-1

I’m learning a lot about the technical aspects of story boarding, scripting, and illustrating, and the drawing I just need to get better at. I found a comics drawing class at the Art Students’ League and I’m going to register myself for it. It would be one thing if I had a quirky, amorphous style in my head, but my imaginary art is pretty representational so I need to learn to draw it and stuff.

I think for my comics final, I’m going to design a comics section, Chris Ware style, where I do a 4-6 bunch of short, 3-6 panel comics, and then a color Sunday comic.

I do have a longer graphic novel in my brainpan, but I want to be so much better at what I do before I tackle it. It might mean finding a collaborator too. We’ll just see.

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