In which I am doing new things!

And of course neglecting old things and half-started things and getting older and prolly not that much wiser….

I LOVE SCHOOL, you guys, and it’s nice to have Gigantor back. Last week we went to the Met and stumbled across the Steuben Foundation’s Oktoberfest parade. Then I had my first workshop experience with my meditation essay (more personal voice, balance out the distancing sarcasm! Surprise! Shock!). I saw R.A. Dickey throw for my last game at Citifield for this season, visited with the world’s flirtiest 18-month old, and single-Aunted lil miss Gracie Face while K-Cup was off in Vegas for a family wedding. I’m back in choir too, which has been awesome except for the part where yesterday I lost my voice by noon because I waited until the last minute to start studying a solo I wanted to audition for. FUN TIMES.

And now, a run down!

Right now I’m working on:

  • A Twain-inspired piece on rehabilitation for 3Qs that I’m getting a huge kick out of and will try to share with you guys once I’ve had it workshopped.
  • A memoir-style essay inspired by Edmund Wilson’s “The Author At Sixty” about the women in my family which I won’t be sharing until everybody in it signs off on it, should be around 2075.
  • My first COMICS! Ever since the meditation retreat I’ve been fielding a ton of fiction and graphic novel type ideas; a couple of disfunctional superheros, a sci-fi concept or two. My graphic novel teacher assigned us an exercise where we take existing comic panels and rewrite the speech bubbles.
Here, with apologies and general expressions of non-copyright ownership to Cathy (and no apologies to Scott Adams because he’s a douche), is the beginning of mine:
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