In case you were tired of arguing with ME about #GameofThrones (subtitle: @SadyDoyle is awesomesauce)

….go argue (slash worship at the feet of) the awesomesauce Sady Doyle over at Tiger Beatdown. She’s read the books. She’s seen the series. And now she’s recapping as only Sady Doyle can. (SPOILERS! SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!!)

And for the record? I don’t disagree with her. What Martin writes is effing creepy and scary and unsettling in a lot of places/ways, and I see all that evidence too. I chose to read the books and like the series anyway, maybe because it’s satisfying to have all this shit happen to people I’ve come to love and SURVIVE it myself, or maybe there is no justification and I just…like what I like. Maybe because I’m so entrenched in the patriarchy I can’t uproot myself and only read/watch/listen to feminist-approved feminist works by feminists.

Someone on the internets once embarked on a project to ONLY read/watch/listen to work by women for an ENTIRE YEAR to see what it was like – and if I google find them later I will tell you exactly whoI really want to try it, most recently because the ever awesome Aged P sent me an awesome book about the writers of Brooklyn and apparently they are 100% white dudes and I call SHENANIGANS.

Anyway, go, read, learn. I’m really grateful she broke down the books by female characters for the selfish reason that now I don’t have to re-read and keep a running tally.

And for the further record I’m 20% into Dance With Dragons and Danaerys is about to freaking BRING IT.

PS Did you notice I made a whole page for my Game of Thrones coverage? Because I did.


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3 Responses to In case you were tired of arguing with ME about #GameofThrones (subtitle: @SadyDoyle is awesomesauce)

  1. bebehblog says:

    I bought the entire e-book set and have been reading them on my iPad at night when I ought to be sleeping. So far I haven’t gotten any farther than the show but I am ABOUT to and I fear it’s going to be extremely traumatizing.

  2. Kimmi says:

    Can’t talk with Doyle. She keeps deleting my posts. And only mentions deleting men’s posts, because apparently I don’t exist, being female.

    Tyrion is raped by his father, just as much as Tysha is. She deliberately fails to see that, which I find rather horrifying.

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