Why I volunteer for planned parenthood?

I’ve written about my love for PPNYC in this space before, and told you about the evil-eyed woman with the mendacious leaflets and “god will help you raise your baby” promises. The rosary procession where nuns, priests, women, men and children stand across from us outside the clinic and call us abominations – so rude! A few weeks ago Shakesville and other feminist websites did a Planned Parenthood carnival – my head was too deep in the sand to participate, but I’ll like to it later and you should really go check it out.

Because at the end of the day my approach to freedom of choice and bodily autonomy is the same as my attitude toward tattoos, sobriety, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, femininity and marriage: I don’t care what you do or how you do it, but stay the heck out of my rights. Avoid judging me for choices that have nothing to do with you. Because at some point you, or someone close to you, is going to need the help. And if all the avenues of assistance are shuttered because it was politically viable to strangle one of the very few sources of support available to men and women who need it…everybody loses.

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