You needn’t yell – I’m on it

WHERE have you been, young lady? Don’t you know we were worried sick?

Worried?! Forget worried! We were BORED. We clicked onto this page every day, well at least once a week or so, and found NOTHING new to divert us.

I stand by worried, but I also co-sign bored. 

This is just one more thing you started and abandoned, isn’t it. ISN’T IT?!

I don’t want to get all fingerpointy, but you did leave Game of Thrones on an “I’ll be right back” sort of note. . .

And WERE you “right back”?! NO! For all we knew you were off getting gay married to the dog or had your head chopped off like *SPOILER ALERT* Sean Bean or whatever. Not like we cared.

We cared! We just might not know the best way to express our emotions! Some of us are kind of judgey. Next time definitely do a self-indulgent humble-bragging sort of post about how you love us dearly but have to take some *sniff* some personal time *clutch handkerchief to bosom* for your self due to personal business and dramatic affairs of the self.

Whatever – pin a note to the Wonderbread for all I care. 

So, sorry about the vanishing act! Basically I watched the first 30 minutes of the Game of Thrones finale and couldn’t STAND the idea that it was about to be over so I paused it, hit “publish as draft” on my page of episode notes, and fled the interwebs. I had some family business to take care of – a lovely cousin got married while I searched frantically and incessantly for things to praise that weren’t shallow, virginity-fetishization-endorsing or feminism-betraying (your posture looked so decisive and upstanding! How about that fruit plate, huh?!) (JK, the wedding was beautiful and I got to play with my lil cousins and nobody even had to know I’m a total queermo).

And then life got busypants! Let me give you the briefest of brief rundowns:

Baseball: Awesome. Mets are a game above 500, I’ve been turned on to this awesome website so I might never actually have to watch a game to see into the soul of it.

4th of July: Festive! Went with some friends to the Baby Yankees, took in some local Staten Island color on the way (ye gods what a desolate depressing wasteland of failure and despair), had seats in the first row behind the Baby Mets (aka Cyclones) dugout and took the following awesome picture before riding back on the ferry watching fireworks around the harbor and feeling happier than I have felt in a while:

Gracie: Continues charming. We are learning not to jump on people, Gracie in particular, and I am learning not to snarl at dog park people just because their dogs are jerks to Gracie. She has learned “turn around,” a weird ninja crawl when she wants out of time out, and how to sneak into my room in the middle of the night to sleep on the floor without my noticing that she’s there.

Nothing to see here

X-men: The Prequel: Awesome. Really enjoyed it. As much as I did the first two X-mens and Wolverine (X-3 blew). Loved the perfect casting, loved that I forgot Professor X was in a chair, watching limber James McAvoy run around. Decided that I don’t believe in Michael Fassbender, only Christopher Plummer minus 40 years of hard living because o hai dopplegangers!

See?!?!?! Proof that sometimes they don’t break molds, they just save some room for later, Augustus, sweetheart.

Anyway, I liked it. I also saw Terri this week, which I did not like. I spent the whole time wishing it was Win-Win.

Two weeks ago I didn’t post because I was spending every waking moment singing my lil heart out at the Sing for Hope pianos – that’s a whole separate post that’s coming soon. And last week I didn’t post because I was having a wee bit of an anxiety meltdown because I don’t know if you know this but GRAD SCHOOL  IS A BIG DEAL and feelings are hard under the best of circumstances.

So you didn’t post because you were “dealing with feelings”?! Gimme a break.

Yeah yeah yeah…. anyway, back to some reasonable facsimile of regularly scheduled programming, I promise! At least until I go on my silent retreat from July 20-31 – Nobody panic, I’m just off sitting in a cabin being very quiet. It’s a totally normal thing that people do. For 10 days. In silence.

Wait….. what?

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