Game of Thrones placeholder!

I know. I KNOW. Those of you who watched last night’s finale and are now desperately looking here for closure, a return to sanity, a restoration of reason in this all too senseless world full of bastard coated bastards…. you’ll just have to wait. And for this I am sorry. We pirateers must catch our screenings of premium TV shows as we can, which means not Right This Second. Weirdly, I’m actually glad to be postponing it another day because once I’ve seen it then it’s real, and I’ll have to wait another year to see just how curly and awesome Jon Snow’s hair can get in ideal humidity conditions.

The good news is they’re scheduled to start shooting season 2 in July! If you’re not already, start keeping an eye on Winter is Coming for all casting news and season 2 sneak peeks. These guys are like Westeros methadone, I’m telling you. I started reading their casting polls and location tips right after HBO picked up the Game of Thrones option and announced the pilot, so I can’t really recommend them highly enough.

Am I hurt and wounded that none of my recaps are notable? oh god yes No! Because I write for myself and stuff! who am I kidding? And you guys! *sniffle* Ok I am a little wounded. Maybe next year I’ll try to come up with an awesome gimmick, like watching each ep with Gigantor and my gal Sal so you get the jaded feminist view, the lunatic war epics enthusiast view and the newcomer’s view. Thoughts?

But to keep the geek momentum going, I’m diving into the Geek Girls Book Club, which is currently reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and should be moving on to Game of Thrones in July. And you should too, provided you’re a geek and a girl and can read! Their facebook group is here

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One Response to Game of Thrones placeholder!

  1. Kim says:

    ya do well enough to keep me reading… i think that’s notable.

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