The whole “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” remake poster issue

I’m behind the times here, but the short version is that Columbia Pictures has decided that getting a topless Rooney Mara and a possessive, protective, Daniel Craig in a totally counter-to-either-of-their-characters pose on their poster is more important than accurately representing the book, its philosophy, Salander and Blomkvist, or Stieg Larsson’s intentions. Ugh. Eff those guys. I’m not including the poster here, but there are pics at the link.

It is effing annoying because in the poster, it looks like Craig is protecting Mara, even though their dynamic is totally the reverse; she is protecting/rescuing him. Mara looks to be grasping Craig’s arm – in fear? Because they’re about to start grappling? Because she’s going to tear his hand off at the wrist? We can only hope! He is fully clothed in a collared shirt and an effing sweater because it is freaking COLD in Sweden, and she’s in lowlowlow-riding jeans. What a bunch of crap.

The Swedish movie is pretty much perfect. The few changes they made – paring down Blomkvist’s relationships because what seems totally acceptable in a book’s timeframe feels insensitive and rushed in a movie, etc – were appropriate, the casting was exceptional, and everyone pronounced everyone’s names right. Also because there were subtitles I didn’t get the 4 names that sound exactly alike confused since every time someone called out to someone else, their name appeared on the screen.

I am so effing mad about the appropriation, the anti-feminist body language and the male gaze being applied to promoting one of the first books I’ve ever read with a gloriously balanced gaze – split between Salander and Blomkvist, and even when it’s from Blomkvist’s point of view, Salander is the one holding the reins. She is the girl with the tattoo. She is one of the women that evil, cruel, monstrous men hate because she can exact her own precise, brutal revenge and hack circles around them and they are powerless. She does not deserve to be half-naked on a movie poster because some advertising exec thought they should emphasize the sexiness aspect of a gritty, violent, non-sexy story.

This is how I think Lisbeth Salander would advertise herself (only she’d never show her own face)

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