The Andromedans, XtraNormal, and Me. And you.

First, I proffer this gift:

Tuesday night I hit up the Adult Education series, hosted by Charles Star,  at Union Hall. It was horrifying because there were actual dudes wearing actual fez playing bocce ball and standing around drinking PBR, but once I got through that and to the downstairs venue that I have come to regard as the place I most need to sit in the first three rows of… it was gravy. The theme was The Experimental Method, and one of the presenters was Martha Keavney, who hilariously disavowed her hilariousness and did the grown-up equivalent of put on a movie to shut the kids up in study hall.

The Andromedans were that movie. She showed us 6, 8 and 10…and I promptly came home and watched all of them. She uses a program called XtraNormal (P.S. NOT “Xtraordinary”…do not google xtraordinary) to animate her cartoons of these awesomely ridiculous aliens learning English. I giggle forever.

And then I tried to make my own! The first adventure of Hunt and Peck is a work in progress but it should be along soon. They don’t have chickens, so you’ll have to imagine the British box people I came up with are actually chickens.

One of my goals during my MFA is to dig into graphic novels – I have a couple of funny webcomic ideas and a more serious long form comic idea that I’ve been simmering for a while, so you may notice that my blogroll now has a section called Comic Inspiration where I list people who are awesome and draw comics. You should check them out, along with everyone else I link to over there, and suggest tons of other awesome comics I should be reading for inspiration and idea scavenging!

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