#GameofThrones infographic

By way of the awesome Geek With Curves, a Game of Thrones infographic from Magda at HauteSlides to help you figure out who is betraying who and why that’s a big deal and wait which scruffy beardy guy in a doublet is that, again?

Click on the image to go through to the FULL version

I especially love the skull-and-bones connection in case you need help remembering who killed who, and the illustration of Jon and Benjen on the wall and Khal Drogo in the grass. Geeks + art = win.

This week my friend Sally and I watched via her HBO-GO online streaming hookup – she watched it on her laptop and shared her screen with me via Skype, so we were still connected by phone as well as watching the same live video. Maybe next week I will liveblog our watching process because it’s a pretty great flow of “Wait who is that” and “Jon Snow is such a fox” and “EWWWWWW” and “Oh I love that guy – he’s screwed, isn’t he?” and “Hey, that’s not in the book!” and “I wish there was more of that in the book” and the occasional pause for backstory illumination and Westeros map consultation.

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2 Responses to #GameofThrones infographic

  1. Lindsay says:

    This is awesome!

    (I love the little stepstool they’ve got Tyrion standing on. Adorable!)

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