Friday Technology Rundown…

In the past 6 months (give or take for the purpose of narrative fluency) I have acquired three significant pieces of technology. They have been reviewed elsewhere, panned and praised everywhere…but I’m going to tell you what I thought of them anyway.

My macbook pro. As tempted as I was by the Bigger is Better theory, I was eventually swayed by the Bigger Is Heavier And Also Freaking Expensive postulation, and got a 13″. It is amahzing. My Official Justification for it was that if I got into grad school I would need a proper laptop for composing weighty essays and irreverent reviews, instead of the Little Netbook That Could. My other justification was OMFG SIMS 3. And you are all just lucky you have not heard LOTS more about my Sim life. Just saying.

It processes my photos (from my new camera that was another major tech purchase since I started working a job that didn’t pay in SchruteBucks), plays my games, watches my movies, browses my interwebz and recently hit a pinnacle of tech usefulness by allowing me to watch my friend Sally’s television via Skype. So. I lurve it. The Mac Koolaid, I have drunk it all so there is barely any left for you.

Next up…. The Dreaded Kindle. I am an avowed lover of Books. You may have noticed. The way I came to own a Kindle is slightly insane, so I’ll just say that I made a quick decision based on the fact that the price was down along with my impulse control. So far the only books I have actually spent money on are re-buying a Gail Collins that [look away, Aged P!] got ruined by this weird water coming in my window from the sky, the Song of Ice and Fire series and the inexpensive complete works collections that someone took the time to combine into a single, TOC’d PDF. IKR?

The biggest things I thought I would hate were a too-small-for-how-very-fast-I-read screen, the flicker-to-black screen when you turn pages and the weird clicky side buttons. The screen is an ok size when I make the font the second-from-smallest it can be, and I pavlovianly trained myself to close my eyes whenever I turned a page so now I don’t notice the flicker. What, you thought I’d stop being crazy now that I had an eReader? Pssh. Brb, going to read ALL OF MARK TWAIN. Real quick.

I will say that I find all the highlight and note features very difficult to use…but they’re supposed to be, to make me come back for the 9″ screen. Jerks. The screen is amazing though. It’s an etch-a-sketch married to a project in some kind of magic dreamworld.

I’ll tell you what is NOT remotely adequate for eReading – my new iPhone.

I will pause her to tell you that if you choose to remind me, every time I mention my awesome new iPhone, that I’m not one of “them”….you will make me regret my choice to give you my old iPod…and make me consider very carefully an potential hand-me-down-Kindle resolutions should a bigger and better eReader option come along. JUST SAYING, GIGANTOR.

I know everyone and their mom has one already and it’s all ho-hum, but I am rapturous over mine. Game apps are fun, phoning is clear and immediate, and it autosorts things into folders, takes good pictures and generally makes me want to take a day off of work to just stay home and play with it. Streaming Netflix! Playing iTunes! Downloading things! Uploading things! I like the thoroughness that the designers have used as they concocted and executed their ideas, and I look forward to learning even newer and shinier things.

The Belkin case thing I got though is totally crappy. A friend recommended a bumper that Apple makes, which I might try. Either way, props to Verizon and the folks at Mac town.*

*someone somewhere someday will call it that.

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