Portal 2 and a Game of Thrones placeholder!

I’ve gotten a ton of new visitors and readers thanks to NPR’s music blog and a trusty phalanx from Google, and I want to assure you all that I’m about to sit down and watch Episode 2 and a recap with a feminist lens won’t be far behind!

Also, Gigantor (my oversized little brother) and I finished Portal 2 this week after about 48 hours of intense focus, tons of appetizers from Wonton Garden, many ounces of Diet Coke and enough sibling squabbling that we finally had to appoint a Project Manager for particularly difficult levels. Whoever guessed the solution first got to direct traffic.

The good (unhinged) folks at Valve took a great idea – a gun that shoots two portals that connect to eachother – and made it into a game-changing … game… with the first Portal (use your gun to solve logic puzzles and escape the testing machinations of GlaDOS). The second Portal is literally twice the game – single player is twice as long, and co-op play is an entirely different kettle of portals.

Unlike shoot-’em-up games, however historical, two players in the Portal testing environment can’t go off to their separate corners. If they don’t work together, nobody’s getting through the containment grids to the promised land (i.e. more tests) on the other side. Everyone’s favorite grudge-holding super robot, GlaDOS is back, along with a new ally(ish), Wheatley (voiced by distractingly hilarious Stephen Merchant).

Alone it’s taking me a few days to work through, since I tend to get frustrated and rageful. Together we killed it in probably 10 straight hours, handing off whenever the other died or finished a level. If you can get to a console that plays this remarkable awesomesauce game…get there. See you in 10-36 hours.

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