3Qs, actively baited, and what to do when you’re trapped there

In addition to the delightful production of Vera Stark that the Mtastic roommate and I saw on Tuesday, we were also “treated” to a post-show talkback session with whatever audience members remained (a little over a third) and the playwright. Ms. Nottage actually was a treat – it was awesome to hear her in person, and I want to go back and check out the actresses she listed as being among the inspirations for Vera’s character.

Less treatworthy? Besides not realizing when we signed up to usher that there would be a talkback?

Question 1 – “I didn’t understand *crucial plot point X* – could you explain why you did that?” (and the facilitator’s incomprehensible decision to let the audience hash it out amongst themselves before asking the playwright for her thoughts)

Question 2 – “Was there an inspiration for this project?” (Nope, just sort of appeared in my computer. Magical!)

Question 3 – As someone who has seen all of your plays at *lists playhouses*, I wondered what you thought of where this play’s home is within your work, since I admired X, Y and Z so much but didn’t really care for L, M and N I just wanted to ask what you thought about all of my thoughts that I have thought after thinking through your plays.

Like. Clockwork.

My solution was to count to 60 15 times in hopes that would be 15 minutes. It wasn’t. So then I counted the cool holes in the curtains that covered the windows to the street. And then I thought about what a dork I was when I gave Daniel Breaker an extremely goofy smile by the stage door and telepathically thought at him “OMG I LOVED you in Passing Strange and we’ve been watching you since the SHAKESPEARE THEATER and you are AWESOME ok BYE.”

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