The Girl Who Makes Me Understand Vlogs

Generally? Don’t get vlogs. It’s monologuing. It’s a supervillain weakness and you’re showcasing it. Awkwardly. This is also generally how I feel about podcasts that only feature one person. Talking to themselves. With lots of long pauses. I may do it in print but at least you don’t have to fixate on my pores while it happens.

This woman changes all of that. I can’t decide if she’s deep undercover or if her personality manages to be so perfectly comprised of the sublime and the ridiculous that it’s all natural. Either way, watch this with headphones at work and try to keep from screaming and frightening your coworkers. Or save it till you get home and can freak out the dog.

And also (NSFW language, starts out gross and then gets so freaking hilarious it’s like an ode to jump cuts).

From now on I’m going to hear this woman’s voice reading Allie Brosch’s posts.

OK OK one more because in this one? She is the crazybrain embodied  (a h/t to K-cup for pointing this one out)

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