Gluten-Free Friday #3

My coworkers and I occasionally make the trek up to the Whole Foods a few blocks from our office, and while most days I confine myself to gluten-free crackers and hummus, this week I finally discovered the gluten-free section for bread and cookies. I got some bread, review TK, and I usually like really soft cookies but these Aleia snickerdoodles stole my heart. I think I will let my email exchange with their friendly customer service rep tell the rest of the story:

From: MKP


Re: Immense Snickerdoodle-based Gratitude

I just finished stuffing my face with um, several of your delicious snickerdoodles which I discovered by accident at the Tribeca Whole Foods and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I too was convinced the world was ending when I found out there was to be no more off-the-street slices of pizza, no more easy-to-pick-up subway sandwiches and no more mainstream cake but the crispy sugary cinnamonyness of these cookies has given me some hope for the future. Is pizza dough up next? 🙂

Dear Miranda,

Thank you, what an awesome email! Love the subject line and the expressive “crispy sugary cinnamonyness” choice of words! We are grateful that you took time out of your day to write such a heartfelt email and delighted you were able to have such fun eating our cookies. There’s a lot of love baked in those cookies! 🙂

{and then there was some marketing speak – go look here}

Thank you for letting us know you are enjoying Aleia’s and thanks for your passionate support

It really means a lot!

Be well,



Flavor: A

Texture: A+

Level of Gluten-based Resentment: 4 ($10 for a bag of 16. Hmph.)

Past, present and future GlutenFree Fridays: (links will be added over time)

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