Treat and Retreat….

There comes a time in every young Brooklynite’s life when she starts to feel like HOLY MOTHER OF BEJEEZUS EVERYTHING IS OVERWHELMING.

And it’s only natural that in response, she backs away from some things that are making her feel surrounded by pointy dark places or that are taking up precious normal-sauce space in her brain. So I’m pulling back from Facebook, taking a backseat on the Twitter (which I initially typed as “basket”), and trying to create some emotional breathing room in my vicinity so I don’t lose it and start screaming at perfectly normal, if unresponsive, dogowners and subway riders.

Why am I feeling so skittish and poked-at?

Well at least part of the problem is re-glutening in preparation for my doctor’s appointment and the ensuing return to feeling like the bottom scrapings of a yuckiness bucket. Yes, I find talk of Issues with Gluten obnoxious and would happily do away with it, but I realized this is one of those moments where I get to choose whether I’m going to be an Ailment-ridden Person or a Person who, incidentally, deals with some ailments quietly on her own time.  And, unusually for me, I’m going to try to deal with SOMETHING quietly on my own time.

BUT. I still want to tell you about Jane Eyre and Win Win and Missed Connection Dos and Don’ts and Mtastic and I are trying to get to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and Mr. Radcliffe in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, so there’s lots in the works.

I just don’t quite have the brainjuice to keep up with it in real time at the mo’, so if something’s going down and ordinarily my oracles of the internet would clue me in, you’ll have to keep me posted via comments and email.

But, I did revise my “About” page and add some handy Quotes that I find writingly inspiratorial. So. Brb.

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