Gluten-Free Fridays #2

Most of you are already familiar with my recent discovery of gluten aversion. Some of you may remember my less rational processingof my knowledge. I wasn’t thrilled, but recently I’ve warmed to the idea that I can eat all the hummus, blue corn chips and ice cream that I want, so long as it isn’t cookie dough.

Last week’s Gluten-free food post went so well I’ma continue on until I’ve eaten all the things. Up this week, Betty Crocker’s gluten free cookies. They will be weighed (not literally), measured (barely) and subjected to my three criterion:

Flavor: How does it taste?

Texture: How does it feel?

Level of Gluten-based Resentment: How annoyed am I to be eating it?

So! Cookies! What could go wrong? I told myself something similar before the last time I had famous Babycakes cupcakes….and they scored a D- on flavor, a C- on texture and a 9 on the LGbR. So. There was some trepidation.

To the powdered xanthum gum, rice flour, bunch of other stuff and also chocolate chips mix, I added a stick of melted butter, an egg and a dash of vanilla, stirred, and dropped onto a pan. Baked @ 325 for what turned out to be 15 minutes because my roommate was baking something else and they turned out:

Yeah, I could only choke down six or seven. After that I had to wait for them to cool. They were ok, if you like golden crispy sugary morsels of delightfulness. Let’s be real, anything with a whole freaking stick of butter in it is going to be good. The box only made 22 medium/large cookies. So each one has 1/22 a stick of butter in it. Maybe I could have  buttered the pan. I definitely should have had some lactaid on hand for the milk I guzzled afterwards. There was some grainyness due to the inherant crumbliness of the dough, but I was 3 cookies in before I noticed.

Flavor: A-

Texture: A-

Level of Gluten-based Resentment: 1 (only because usually K-cup makes the cookies)

Past, present and future GlutenFree Fridays: (links will be added over time)

  • Amy’s Gluten-free Tamales
  • Aleia’s Gluten-free snickerdoodles
  • Udi’s Gluten-free multi-grain bread
  • Betty Crocker’s Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Nature’s Path Gluten-free cheerios
  • Jyoti Jaipur Karhi (potato dumplings in milk)
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