Application Essay Part 2

Continued from yesterday. . .

Since graduating from college and the world of newspaper-deadline accountability, my essays and reviewing have taken a backseat to paying the bills in educational publishing, though I still harbor the dream of being a critic, a columnist and an essayist. Most of my writing lately has been blog-based (and what is that but a series of casual, short-form essays?) about my family, feminism, gay rights, sobriety, baseball, local history and living in New York City.

I would also like to teach writing at the college level eventually – I was a student teaching assistant to several freshman level writing courses and enjoyed building students’ confidence and understanding of literature, plays and popular culture over the course of a semester.

In the past I’ve demonstrated a tendency to settle for an easier, softer path – as a singer, an athlete, a college student, and an aspiring editor I knew that if I didn’t really reach, I couldn’t fail. Now that I finally have a goal I am determined to achieve – developing my writing and becoming a college professor – I don’t want a less daunting route. I want to join the Columbia MFA program and take full advantage of everything that is offered to me. I hope my portfolio demonstrates my potential to be a worthwhile investment, because what I want most is the challenge of working hard in a community of other writers.  So here’s to actually reaching.

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